Our History

In 1990 the ALZEGA group was born, being its founders Mr. Alfonso Zepeda Espinoza, Mrs. Gabriela Nuñez Zavala and Mr. Alfonso Zepeda Galvez; who began traveling as sales agents marketing items for jewelry (fittings) and covering the western, north, southeast, pacific and central areas of the Mexican Republic.

In their visits to their customers, other products were constantly required, which began to be manufactured at the beginning, adding approximately 10 items, applied for the preparation and cleaning of jewelry and watch repair.

After a year and a half, the signature of ALZEGA had been announced when approximately 30 articles were increased according to the demand of the sector that was served.

Currently (2020), thanks to the quality of our products and personalized service, we have grown in such a way that we now exceed one hundred (100) products proudly manufactured and marketed through wholesale distributors. Today we can offer based on the volumes that we handle a highly competitive product in quality for the constant improvement of our processes and a lower price highly profitable for our distributors.

Our Company Vision

Develop the best products for the elaboration, cleaning of jewels and watch repair.

Maintain our competitiveness in the market, through price, quality and service, as fundamental factors to meet the needs of our customers.

Guide the group towards competitiveness and profitability of product lines.

Ensure the dominant presence of our products in the national market and seek a growing participation in the international market.

Our Company Values

Promote the development of our staff according to the needs of the company.

Trust, commitment, service, responsibility and prestige.